I'm looking for an old creepypasta help

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I'm looking for an old creepypasta help

Post by TheLusoGerman » Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:27 pm

Ok so technically what i'm searching for is a video by some ordinary gamers but by knowing the creepypasta i can find it.
It goes something like in a zelda gameboy cartridge there is basically a hidden game inside it. To access the game I think you break a bush and fall down a hole after that the game completely changes to what's basically a challenge which you either complete flawlessly or die. The game is something along the lines of you complete a puzzle and go up (or down idk) a set of stairs. Look i know it's really vague but the last time i saw the video was more than 3 years ago I think. I don't even know if it still exists.

Note: when i say the game changes I mean everything. It's not a zelda clone or whatever. It's a completely 100% new game.

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I'm looking for an old creepypasta help

Post by Kasey00 » Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:01 pm

As you may have guessed, getting these instruments is a lot harder than it seems. The instruments lie at the heart of eight separate dungeons, protected by all sorts of monsters, traps, and puzzles. It's time to grab your trusty sword and shield and get to it At key moments through the chatroulette game, an owl (bearing a discernible likeness to the one found in N64's Ocarina Of Time) flutters in and gives you pointers. He'll offer cryptic clues to the larger storyline while telling you directly what your next objective is. His visage also appears in dungeon walls, revealing key clues for quick-thinking players. Other characters go about their daily business (usually by standing around in a room doing nothing but talk to complete strangers such as yourself) and can give valuable clues or even prized objects that come in useful later. You spend a significant cyberghost portion of the game wandering around and taking items given to you by one character and trading them with another character for an even more useful item. Speaking of items, plan on spending a good amount of their playtime in the item selection menu. Pressing Start opens it up, and the menu lets you assign two useable items to the A and B buttons.

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