The Creepypasta is inside the prop

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The Creepypasta is inside the prop

Post by SuperKMDCar » Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:10 pm

I'm not the best writer in the world. My timing is off when it comes to horror.

The best I can do is describe a prop that can be built for use in either a series of stories or videos.

Parts of the description will have to be hidden, because it's going to ruin everything.

The vision I have in mind is this story will be disguised as an "Unboxing video"

Start off with a complete old non-functional computer. All we are after is shell of the computer, nothing more. It should only have a composite output, a functional 80s looking keyboard and no disk drives and no way to open the case. It should weigh more than it actually should. Some acting will have to be involved here. The case should be very easy to open. On the inside is going to be some kind of metal apparatus, which will be explained later on

The composite output should must fail when you try to hook it up to any kind of screen capture device or software. But it should work just fine when you record the thing. This forces the story to have characters reacting to whats going on.

The build-up of the story involves on character interaction with the computer, which can be anything from text comments coming out of seemingly nowhere, a game or two showing up with extremely odd interactions, clear pictures of someone showing up on the screen (which should never be capable of a machine of that age), and so forth (use your imagination)A programmable Raspberry Pi will be needed. This is the entire brains of the prop. Have the USB accessible somehow to program any part of the story. Have it graphics capable, but keep it as monochrome and as close to the spirit of 1980s as possible. The programmer will need to figure out how to put up ghost messages ("Help me"), change properties of the screen, throw up static images, etc. This is what's going to cause all of the jump scares, cloudy mysteries, and so forth.

The computer should be able to retain power at some point when the character physically unplugs it. Have the Raspberry Pi have its own power source. It doesn't have to last for long. So, for example, if a character unplugs the computer, the computer should still be operational. At the height of the story, the character will need to be completely frustrated and freaked out and will try to open up the computer any way possible.

The time the character finally opens up the computer and we see what's inside, we will find some kind of metal apparatus that does not look like any computer that we know of. There should be some splatters of ominous looking red liquid and an extremely obvious compartment to be opened up. Opening up this container should reveal some kind of small beating organ. Figure out some way to put in a balloon or something covered with some kind of viscous liquid that looks like blood to give the convincing texture of a beating organ.

And that's the prop that I have in mind.

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The Creepypasta is inside the prop

Post by Criscandle » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:21 pm


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