Melancholie der Engel. A masterpiece or not?

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Melancholie der Engel. A masterpiece or not?

Post by hrjn1989 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:46 pm

Melancholie der Engel (The Angels' Melancholia) by Marian Dora is one of my all time favourite. Most people I’ve talk to about this movie doesn’t agree with me at all when I tell them that I think it is a masterpiece, and even moving art. They say it’s just another b-movie, and nothing more. Sure, it doesn’t have the best acting (which low budget movie in this scene has?), and the story is pretty weird. But it has something else, something that is hard to explain, that makes it such a great movie. And no, it’s not a great movie according to me just cause of the blood, gore, drugs and nakedness, no, no! It’s the way it effects you on psychologically level, with the surroundings, atmosphere and the constant wait for “that” to happen. And the pictures is just astonishing. I don’t know about you guys, but this movie effected me, and I thinks it deserves to be discussed here. I want to know what people think when they hear the title “Melancholie der Engel”.

This is my first post here, and my English is not perfect.

Let’s go! Let me hear your thoughts. And I also wanna know what you think about Doras other work, but maybe we save that for another thread.

Cheers from Sweden!

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