Greetings :)

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Greetings :)

Post by G.E.S » Sat May 12, 2018 2:08 am

Hello! :D Please call me G.E.S . I have been into Creepypasta for a long time now, but just recently got an account on the website. I especially love retail and shop Creepypasta stories, with my number one favorite -in that topic- being Tales of a Gas Station Worker (I am blanking on the actual name of the story, so hopefully that's the actual name). I plan on reading stories posted here as well as posting stories here. I am particularly interested in writing stories that give a more mysterious, real-life vibe. I like writing in that style because it seems to be a little more creepy (in my opinion).
I'm excited to delve deeper into the Creepypasta fandom. I am also excited to have conversations/debates/arguments on the stories here too.

Well, I guess that's all you should know about me for now.


Hello! Call me G.E.S . I am a human being who loves creepy things, cute things, reading, writing, music, art, and cats. I don't have many friends yet -probably because I'm fairly new here- :( , but I'd love to make some.

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Re: Greetings :)

Post by admin » Tue May 15, 2018 10:21 pm

Nice to meet you G.E.S and welcome to the forum :D

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