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Minnesota News Report: The Bloody Smiler Still On The Rise

Creepypasta Name: The Bloody Smiler
Real Name: Nathan “DEATH” Helloy Deathson
Born: Friday October 13th 2000
Age Now: 17
Became Killer age: 15
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height now: 7’1.3
Weight now: 107.13 pounds
Family: Vincent Helloy Deathson (Father, Phone Call Killer) Jeffina Alan Deathson (Mother, Mrs. Killer) Vincent Helloy Deathson II (Little Brother, Vincent The Killer) Jeffina Alan Deathson II (Little Sister, The Dark Entity)
Weapon Of Choice: Huge Butcher Knife (One Meter Long, One foot long curve from front to back)
Clothing: Gold Hoodie, Gold Dress Pants, Gold Undershirt, Black and White shoes.
Type Of Killer: Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain
Powers/Skills: Best At Hand To Hand or Melee Combat
Superhuman Strength- Can hold or lift anything under 10,0000 tons, his punch might kill you.
Superhuman Regeneration- Every knife wound will heal completely in a matter of 2 seconds-1 minute, unless he was cut by his own knife, then it will take a whole day to heal.
Superhuman Senses- Can sense danger three hours before it happens, and can sense someone coming a mile away.
Athleticism- Extremely High, can jump very high, can outrun a car, but can run at least 13.16 miles before resting.
Teleportation- Can teleport anywhere, even though he needs to know the place he’s teleporting to, or if he has been there before.
Tracking- Can see you hiding, or find you very easily.
Inhuman Durability- Very Durable, can take a shotgun shot the head and only get stunned for two seconds before going for the kill.
Stun Stare- Can just stare at you, and you will stop moving for 2 minutes or less.
X-Ray Vision- Can see through walls at a distance of 666 miles.
Resurrection- Can resurrect in a minute or more if not killed with his own knife.
Pain Immunity- Can’t feel any pain, except the pain of being cut by his own knife.
Pain Tolerance- Can handle the pain of being cut by his own knife.
Transformation Ability- Can morph himself to look like anybody. He can even put his mouth back to normal size.
Stealth- You rarely can see him sneaking into his victims house, even if someone is right next to him.
Murder Skills- Learned all the weak points of the human body, and is a professional killer.
Breathless - Can breath in water or space, but he actually doesn’t need to breath, he just chooses to.

First Kill date: October 13th, 2015 at 3:13pm

Goals: Kill every Bully and Criminal in the world.

Minnesota News Report: The Bloody Smiler Saves Child By Murdering Attackers

On October 13th, 2015 there were a case of four murders, besides the goodbye notes written by victim Ellie Davidson, no evidence has been found for two years,until a kid named James Johnson saw this killer in action on Friday, October 13, 2017, and bravely tells his story.
“I was outside on a road, taking a walk, and I saw some people following me, I started walking faster, but the faster I walked, the faster the people behind me walked. After two minutes, the people ran at me! I ran and ran, but after five more minutes they jumped at me and knocked me down. The two people were a Man and a Woman, they both pulled out a small knife out of their pockets, but… then I heard a extremely deep voice, like a monster, the voice said “Killing Bullies, Killing The Mean” and then suddenly, the male killer was decapitated, his body fell on me, I pushed it off me! The woman jumped to the side, and I saw the most horrendous thing ever. It was a white figure, looked like he was 17, and had a huge smile, it was about as wide as his face, his gums were showing in his smile, and went down all the way to the middle of his chest, had Black eyeliner all around his eyes, huge black lips, wore a Gold Hoodie with strings, gold dress pants, some black and white shoes, and a gold undershirt I could barely see until he looked at the woman. His butcher knife was about a meter long and was a foot across from the back to front. He swung his knife and decapitated her too, I got up and ran away, but he didn't chase me, he just stood there, watching me run. When I stopped to look over a corner, there was a girl, behind the killer. The girl had blonde hair, one ponytail behind her head, wore a black shirt, black dress pants, and the same shoes as the killer, she said “Nathan!” And that's all I saw when I ran away. The killer only killed the evil, not the good guys, he was like a killer vigilante! You know what? I'll never forget they person, that huge smile, the pure white skin, the meter long butcher knife, that'll never leave my head, I'll never forget that day he saved my life! I also heard the whole Deathson Family became Vigilante Killers too! I even made a name for this Anti-Villian, maybe Anti-Hero, I decided to call him “The Bloody Smiler”!.
End Of Report

If you see anyone who fits the description, please contact the police department as soon as you can. He is only a monster-like Vigilante, we may need his help someday. The Bloody Smiler has been identified as Nathan “DEATH” Helloy Deathson.

Nathan Helloy Deathson was not an ordinary child, Nathan was also a Goth. Nathan had ADHD, Autism, Anxiety,Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and was an Albino (Only Affected Skin, Scientist Can’t Explain Why Disease Didn’t Affect His Hair And Eyes: Has Blue Eyes And Black Hair) with a deformed mouth.

Nathan was walking home, listening to his favorite song which was based off of Jeff The Killer. Nathan walked toward an alley when he heard something, and when he looked in the alley, he saw the biggest bullies in elecotra High, Jake Killson, Jake’s girlfriend Ellie Davidson, Keith Troy, and Jason Rover in a group. Jake saw Nathan, and said “Well, Well, Well, Looks like a Goth walked into Death Alley!” Jake and the other bullies laughed for 30 seconds. Nathan felt threatened, and mad by this and said “Well, I may be a Goth, but at least I know respect! But you guys are mean, selfish, and are the biggest and stupidest bullies ever!” Nathan then flipped the bullies off. The bullies were furious, and they all pulled out their pocket knives, which the blades were big. Nathan then ran to try to escape, but the bullies chased him. Nathan was chased all the way to a bridge, Jake finally tackled Nathan to the ground. Nathan got up and put his hand up saying “I'm sorry, please don't hurt me!” The bullies formed a circle around Nathan. Jake then whispered something to the other bullies, they all nodded, then Eddie and Jake grabbed an arm, and Jason and Keith grabbed a leg.
The four bullies threw Nathan over the bridge, Nathan landed in a dump truck, and was unconscious. Nathan was dumped on a conveyer belt, and rode the conveyer belt to a highly radioactive clear container. Nathan fell in the container of… some solid but slightly liquid material, which was an alien material called Soliquid, and it attached to Nathan’s skin! The black and red material went inside him, and Nathan woke up from it, screaming in pain, but started to suffocate from the liquid going in his body from the mouth, and then Nathan began to change! Nathan's jaw and teeth grew three times larger, his skin was turned pure white, the black lipstick and the black makeup around his eyes that he wore became permanent, and Nathan got loads of superhuman powers and abilities! Then Nathan passed out, near death, or so was he…..!?!? Some workers in hazmat suits saw Nathan and immediately fished him out with a crane, and sent him straight to the hospital.
The very next day, when Nathan woke up, he noticed his skin was pure white, like as white as it could get. Nathan went to feel his jaw, and felt his teeth instead. His teeth were long, and he could barely open his mouth. Nathan saw a mirror in the bathroom, and went to see what had happened to him. When Nathan saw his look, he screamed, but the soliquid has affected his vocal cords permanently, so his voice and scream was extremely deep!
Nathan was furious and wanted to kill the bullies! Nathan then felt something in his hand, he looked and saw a huge butcher knife with a blade of 3 feet long and one foot long in width from the back of the knife to one foot to the front of the knife, and it just had formed in his hand since the black and red material gave him the ability to create weapons with his mind, also the radioactive material gave Nathan superhuman strength, so the knife was as light as a feather! Nathan then heard the room door being unlocked, Nathan could only think of one thing to do, Kill! When the nurse opened the door, Nathan realized it was a innocent nurse, and missed her head by two inches and hit the wall with the knife, the nurse dropped what she was carrying and ran away screaming! The nurse was carrying a Gold hoodie, Gold Dress Pants, a Gold undershirt, and some black and white shoes, so Nathan put them on, and they were the perfect size, then Nathan ran out of the hospital. Nathan then began to hunt for the bullies!
Nathan found the bullies in the same alley the whole thing began at. Ellie saw Nathan and screamed at the sight of him. The other bullies recognized Nathan and pulled out their pocket knives again. Ellie then ran away screaming. Nathan then said “You really think you can beat me, MORTAL!?!?” Jason was the first to attack, Jason charged at Nathan, but Nathan also gained superhuman speed, and superhuman senses, so Nathan swung his knife and decapitated Jason. Keith went next, Keith tried to juke Nathan's swings, but Nathan saw through his jukes and decapitated him too. Now it was Jake's turn, Jake managed to stab Nathan's shoulder, but Nathan also gained superhuman regeneration, was immune to all pain due to the black and red material, couldn't die, at least not permanently, and could resurrect due to to element of the material so the wound healed up in two seconds. Nathan swung his knife and cut Jake's right arm off, Jake screamed in pain, then Nathan swang left, cutting Jake's left arm off. Jake fell to the ground screaming in pain. Nathan then cut Jake's legs off, and then said “Killing Bullies, Killing The Mean!” And decapitated Jake! Nathan's hand were full of blood. Nathan thought of a way to make this moment more enjoyable to him, Nathan then wiped the blood on his teeth. Nathan then remembered that Ellie had ran away, so Nathan went to hunt down Ellie Davidson!
While Nathan, now The Bloody Smiler, looked for Ellie, Ellie had gotten home, and was in her room. Ellie grabbed her phone and dialed 911. When the Lady receptionist picked up she said “911, please state your emergency” Ellie said, in a shaky scared voice “Hi, my name is Ellie Davidson! There is a murderer on the loose! The murderer's name is Nathan Deathson! He killed my friends Jake Killson, Jason Rover, and Keith Troy! I am at my home! The address where I'm at is 6982 Boardwalk Street South, DeathsBurge, 52569!” The lady receptionist said “Ok, stay calm! Police are on the way!” Ellie said “Thank you! Please Hurry!”. Ellie looked toward the door, and there was Nathan! Ellie screamed and said “Please don't Kill me!!” Nathan said “I am going to kill you, but I will let you write a note goodbye, and make sure you write down I killed you!” Ellie immediately grabbed a pencil and Paper, and began writing. Nathan said “Tell me what you're writing!” Ellie said “Dear my family and whoever reads this. Nathan Deathson, has found me, I will be dead when you read this note!” Ellie then said “I'm Done” Nathan said “Die Smiling!” And decapitated Ellie and dismembered Ellie's arms and legs. Nathan then escaped right before the police got there.

Part 2 of the story if the Bloody Smiler: The Story Of Mrs. Bloody Smiler
Dorothy Ceson Deneson was the crush of the Bloody Smiler, and soon became his wife!

Nathan had a crush on Dorothy Denson. After the five murders, Dorothy looked for Nathan all over the place. Dorothy heard some screams, and ran to the scene. There was Nathan, aka The Bloody Smiler, who had just happened to kill a man and a woman who were trying to kill a kid. Dorothy said “Nathan!!” and caught his attention. Nathan said “You shouldn't be here Dorothy!” Dorothy said “I have been looking for you all over to say, I….I...I...Love...You...I love you!” Nathan was surprised by this and said “I...I..I.. Love.. You.. Too!” Dorothy was glad he said that to her. Nathan then went on one knee, and said “Dorothy, this is the only time I can do this, but.. Will you marry me?
Dorothy was shocked by this and said “Will you love me forever?” Nathan then said “Yes, Yes I will!” Dorothy then said “Then Yes, I will marry you!” Nathan teleported with her to a church. Dorothy then said “What are we… Doing at a church?” Nathan said “Are you ready...For marriage?” Dorothy said “Yes” Nathan and Dorothy went in the church holding hands. Then they entered and there was a priest, and the priest was scared. Nathan said to the priest “Make our marriage or I will kill you” The priest then got in the middle of them and began their marriage. The old priest said “The Bloody Smiler, will you take this woman to be your wife?” Nathan then said “I Do” The priest then said “what's your name ma’am” Dorothy said “My name is Dorothy” the priest then said “Dorothy, do you take this man as your husband?” Dorothy then said “I Do” then kissed his top lip. Dorothy then began to change! She got his large jaw, pure white skin, all his powers, and all his looks, but she had long black hair, and still had breasts. Nathan then said “Look at yourself in the mirror, you're beautiful!” Dorothy, now the Mrs. Bloody Smiler, looked at herself in a body-sized-mirror and said “I'm beautiful!” The priest ran away in fear, screaming.Nathan then said “Wanna go kill evil people?” Dorothy formed a huge butcher knife, one meter long and one foot wide skinny blade, just like Nathan's into her hand, and said “It would be my pleasure!”

The Dark Entity, The Girl who is covered in Black Material, head to toe, and disintegrates her victims!

Jeffina Alan Deathson II the second is the sister of the Bloody Smiler. One day, after the five murders, the police came to her family's house, and told them the bad news. None of them believed what Nathan had become, huge jaw, gold clothes, used a huge butcher knife with a three foot blade, and 5 dead because of Nathan, who is called the Bloody Smiler now. Jeffina Deathson The second was the one to not believe what Nathan had become. Jeffina said “Nathan didn't do that, it's impossible!” The police showed a recording of Ellie's last phone call. The recording said “911, please state your emergency” Ellie said, in a shaky scared voice “Hi, my name is Ellie Davidson! There is a murderer on the loose! The murderer's name is Nathan Deathson! He killed my friends Jake Killson, Jason Rover, and Keith Troy! I am at my home! The address where I'm at is 6982 Boardwalk Street South, DeathBurge, 52569! The lady receptionist said “Ok, stay calm! Police are on the way!” Ellie said “Thank you! Please Hurry!” that partly convinced Jeffina the truth about Nathan. When the police left, Jeffina said “Can I go take a walk, please?” Her mother said “sure, just be careful!” Jeffina Said “I will, mom” when Jeffina went to see the crime scene, she saw a group of two girls, staring at her, angrily! The girls approached her, and the African American girl said “Well, I heard your brother became a killer, so you must be a killer too!” The two girls laughed. Jeffina ran away crying, but the girls chased her too! When she stopped running, she was at the exact spot Nathan had been thrown off the bridge! The white girl pushed her, and Jeffina landed in a truck, in the bed of the truck, with a bunch of mysterious black material! The black material covered her body, and stuck to her, it didn't cover her eyes or mouth though, but her eyes turned all black! The next day, Jeffina woke up in the hospital, and looked at herself! She almost screamed when she went in the bathroom to see her new look! She then ran out of the hospital, looking for the two girls! She found the girls where she was thrown off, and she ran toward the girls, and with one touch, she disintegrated the girls. Jeffina disappeared next, and was not seen for 13 days!

Vincent the Killer, The Teen Killer, he cut rectangles in his cheeks and lips, so he could look like a skeleton!

Vincent Helloy Deathson II was the youngest of the Deathson Family, and at this week, his life changed forever! The police came again, telling about the incident with Jeffina, she gained the ability to touch you and disintegrate you, if she wants to disintegrate you. She disintegrated two girls, and disappeared! Vincent was in shock to this, it seemed impossible to gain the ability to disintegrate people to him. Vincent was worried about Jeffina and Nathan. Vincent went to school, and saw groups of boys and girls, talking about Nathan and Jeffina. After school, Vincent had a vision about Jeffina and Nathan, Nathan got married, and Jeffina killed two more people! Vincent told the police about his vision, and the police went to investigate! When Vincent got to school, there still was commotion about Nathan And Jeffina. Vincent saw some people staring at him, like they were afraid, and mad. A group of bullies approached Vincent, and the biggest one said”Well,here comes another killer! Hahahaha!” The other two bullies laughed. Vincent ran out of school, and the bullies chased him. When he got to another bridge,the big bullies pushed him off the bridge,into another bed of a truck. Vincent was dumped in s radioactive material container, and he got all the superpowers Nathan Had! Vincent woke up in the hospital, and saw his parents, surprised by his new look! Vincent went to the mirror, and Vincent had gotten pure white skin! Vincent sanity then snapped! When Vincent got home, he formed a small butcher knife, and cut his cheeks and lips, to a rectangle point to look like teeth of a skeleton! Vincent left the house, wearing a black hoodie, black undershirt, black dress pants, and some black shoes! He tracked the Bullies down one by one, and gutted them all! Vincent disappeared after that!

The Phone Call Killer, the Person who kills you on the phone, and there is sometimes unknown causes!

There had been some deaths in DeathsBurge! All the deaths are by unknown causes!
All the victims were holding a phone! Vincent Deathson had disappeared the day before the killings. All the victims brains were missing, but it seems there was no opening the head to get the brain! Jeff Consonola had began the investigation, and was leading up to the killer of the victims. Jeff said to the cop “Tell the town to not answer there phone calls, unless they know who called them!” The radio all over Minnesota said “Do Not Answer Unknown Phone Calls, Unless You Know That Person!” The next day, there was 15 killings, all the same way too! They began to try to track down this so called “Phone Call Killer” by answering one of the phone calls, one of the police got a phone call by a unknown person, the chief said “Answer It!” The person on the phone said “Hi, this is Deathson Industries, and here we go, Goodbye!” When the person hung up, a black spike went out of the phone, into the policies head! The policeman dropped to the floor, dead! Th spike went back in the phone, with no hole for evidence, and there was no hole in the policeman's head! Jeff saw it happen! They knew who the killer was, it was Vincent Helloy Deathson The First! They almost got him, but Vincent disappeared the next day! The police are still on a lookout for this man! Remember, do not answer unknown phone calls!

Mrs. Killer, The female killer, She gutts you and cuts your eyes out too!

Jeffina Alan Deathson The First disappeared after the Phone Call Killer did. She was spotted 2 days after that, after gutting someone and cutting out their eyes. She ran at the person and did the same thing to the witness two days after. She said “Die with Hate!” When she killed a policeman. She was Identified 2 days after her killings. She ran at each victims, and gutted them, including cutting that victims eyes out. She had cut her eyes out too though.
She first killed her clients Jake and Victoria. She killed 35 victims in a week. The police are still on a lookout for the Deathson family. Call 911 if you see either one of them!
She wears a black hoodie, black undershirt, black dress pants, and some black high heels.
All of the Deathson family have become killers, so be on the lookout for these people. The Killers names are: The Bloody Smiler, Mrs. Bloody Smiler, Mrs. Killer, The Phone call killer, Vincent the killer, and The Dark Entity.
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that was awful.

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Post by Jeems » Fri May 04, 2018 4:20 am

Just wow

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Post by DIRUSNOCTIS » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:37 am

Just so you know, murder is overrated and doesn't make a story creepy or scary. What you need to do is slowly create strange events that lead to a conflict with a murderer or a terrifying creature. You also need to make sure the character suspects nothing at the beginning of the story unless you find a way to make the antagonist being aware the whole story suspenseful.

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Post by DIRUSNOCTIS » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:40 am

Something else I forgot to mention is giving the murderers a name that obviously has the word death in it takes all the suspense out of the story because you will know who the murderer is. There will be nothing scary about the story, I'm sorry to say.

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Don't take this the wrong way but I didn't get scared at all. You need to work on creating suspense and putting characters at risk in a way that scares people.

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I think you had a good idea. In my opinion I would avoid cliches for example you instantly started out with October the 13 which is commonly known to have bad incidents. I would save that date for later if you were set on using it. Secondly, you should work on foreshadowing. Don't make things so obvious. You also repeated names "Vincent saw....Vincent..." Try to use 'he'.

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Post by katrina.k » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:11 pm

This story holds the potential to be great. It's good keeping the story clear and focused on one person and creating suspension around him. More descriptive writing should be used like metaphors, similes personification. Advanced vocabulary should also be added into this creepy pasta. Its not good to repeat the same words more than twice in a sentence and in the following sentence. Everyones names were repeated continuously. Nathan was mostly used in every sentence. Other names that could be used are 'the poor boy', 'the boy', 'the smiler' anything that could describing him. Other characters names were used and repeated excessively. It would be good to refrain from doing do. Everyone has the potential in being a good writer and everyone has potential to grow.

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