Does anyone like Turkish horror films?

Tell us about your favorite horror movies
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Katherine K
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Does anyone like Turkish horror films?

Post by Katherine K » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:54 am

A friend recommended that I watch some Turkish horror films, saying that Turkish horror is some of the scariest stuff he has ever seen. Really dark and Satanic and evil, apparently. I haven't watched any yet as I'm waiting for my husband to come back from his holiday (he'd KILL me if I watched any without him!) but I'm curious to know if anyone here has seen any? Can you recommend any specific ones?

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Does anyone like Turkish horror films?

Post by henosismystike » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:00 pm

As a Turkish, as far as I have watched them, I can easily state that almost all of them suck, though I do not watch regularly them. A considerably degree of them depends on well-known Islamic beings "cinler", or in English "gins", which do not share the same dimension with humans, yet they can visit or somehow effect this dimension through certain Islamic black magics. To give a short summary all of them, of course without giving spoiler, there is always someone who is possessed by a gin or an order of gins, and there are those who try to save he or she, mostly she. Actings are horribly poor in general. They cannot scare you without using cheap jumpscares. These are what I can say about Turkish horror movies, as I said, as far as I have watched them. However, since I am not a genuine follower of Turkish horror movies, it would make me happy to know that a movie that is not cliche as hell.
If you still want to see and experience by yourself, for everyone may feel different about anything, have a look at Karadedeler Olayı, which is said that depends on a real story. Another one is the series of Dabbe; this one is most known. There are some others that does not make me interested, such as Siccin, Deccal, Musallat.
Lastly, there is one movie I have discovered recently but have not watched yet. It seems interesting and unusual unlike the others I have mentioned above. You may also check it; it is Baskın, produced in 2015.
Sorry about broken English, it is not my native language.

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