The hell

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The hell

Post by OMGsocreepy! » Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:09 pm

Before we can start with the story, i have to tell you something. With some people you can not knock on the door more than 3 times. That has a reason. What that is, you are gonna read. So lets start the story!
One's at a jear, Mary goes to her sister. Her sister is a nice woman, but really strange to. Mary is married with a man named Ben. Ben didn't like Mary's sister. Mary's sister is called Elizabeth.
When Ben and Mary 3 hours have driven, Mary is very tired. Ben knock on the door three times. Elizabeth wont come. Ben knock again three times. Elizabeth opens the door. "Hey Ben, hey Mary, i'm happy that you are here! I make already dinner, so come on in! Ben forgot Elizabeths rule. He knocks on the door 6 times. But he dont knows whats gonna happen now...
That night, Mary hears a scream. She can't sleep anymore. She hears a voice outside. Mary walks downstairs and open the door. A little kid, around 10 years, is waiting for the door to open. She let the girl( it was a girl) come in. She sighs.
Do you wanna know whats gonna happen? Then give me a reaction!!!

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The hell

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