Need a plausible story for CP game.

Need help with your story?
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Need a plausible story for CP game.

Post by Runiker » Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:20 am

Merry meet my fellow fans,
Tonight I am asking people to wright up a general idea on a story that would seem logical on how a new planet was created and how on this new planet tons upon tons of CP stories have come to life and taken form. However I would like to put the timeline about year 2500 A.D. because on this planet all the humans have died off and a strange new ore has surfaced and empowers all the CreepyPasta events. If you don’t want to make a story or if you think one of my ideas below will work better please rate my idea from 1-10, I also ask you explain your viewpoint on the ratings.

Enze poisoning—
Due to the strange new ore causing many health issues among humans and factor in the year have them use technology to create a new planet for humans to escape to. However while working on the end stages of the project while working late one night a programmer accedently left a usb drive containing some of his favorite stories from CreepyPasta into the computer. Due to the programming getting done so late that night he was to tired to show up for work however the company finished the last hardware part and wanted to test it out by inserting a cd with a list of items general public would need that thier is a shortage on... however when they ran the program not knowing about the USB drive the program created a whole new planet but along with populating the new planet with the files in the cd the program also added in the CreepyPasta stories on said planet. Now 45 years have passed on and everyone has forgot about Lunat Night planet the screw up and lesson leading them to build a better utopia however during Earths migration to planet Eden one of the pods malfunctioned and sent you to Lunar Nights now you must conquer your fear both mentally and physically to escape into Eden so long as you don’t become an undead resident first....

Simple oversight—

Many years have come and gone and humans have died off due to an Unknow element codenamed chaos element. Knowing the worlds fate a team of programmers set up instructions should any alien life form come to earth and find it.

However when the Aleins did exactly what was asked while being so egar to meet humans a small factor slipped through and the aliens not only re-created Earth but many of the ledgends and myths became reality.

Now the Humans must fight back the things that was allowed to creep and crawl on Earth with no one to oppose them.

A hacker of hackers—
Humans advance in technology
Humans create a new element simply called awshen
An author for CreepyPasta becomes hacker
Russian Hacker decided to Play a prank on USA to stall a technology advantage.
Hacker replaces all wildlife documents to CreepyPasta monsters.
Hacker uses CreepyPasta to change details on planet.
Hacker thinks by doing so he set USA back several decades on data entry fixing.
Technology leap creates new planet do to not noticing the switch.
Technology reads CreepyPasta as true history.
New planet is born with CreepyPasta.

A little magic a lot of trouble—
As years come and go humans evolved. With evolution came about discovery and with discovery a price always must be paid.

Humans uncovered a new energy source.
Humans use it and study it.
Energy becomes unstable.
Energy becomes intelligent.
Energy turns into CreepyPasta figures to protect itself from being harvested and destroyed.

My ideas tally.
Enze poisoning - 1
Simple Oversight - 0
A hacker of hackers - 0
A little magic a lot of trouble- 0

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Need a plausible story for CP game.

Post by Ren » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:12 am

I like a little magic a lot of trouble. I rate it a 6.5 out of 10 I think it could use some improvement, like when it turns itself into a creepypasta maybe it escapes and sends out bits of itself and those bits start transforming animals and humans into creepypastas.

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