Enter The Sandman.....

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Enter The Sandman.....

Post by TheSandman » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:09 pm

Hopefully I got your attention. If I did, awesome. If not, please keep reading.

I will start narrating a few stories here soon within this week. I have been told I have a deep creepy soothing voice. Whats even better, I change my voice a bit and get into the story. All this is usually done within my head and comes out better. I like to read stories in a way that I am in the actual story itself. Hopefully I wont be a bust and sound amazing. Id like to put the stories on YouTube so people can play them at night and possibly feel like they are apart of the story and be even more scared.

If I have held your attention throughout all of this, my name is Sandman and I am so glad to be apart of this awesome creepy community.

- Sandman

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