Waverly Hills (The Consuming Darkness)

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Waverly Hills (The Consuming Darkness)

Post by nylesath » Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:14 pm

The experiments continue long into the night
I can hear the screams from the room down the hall
They call it therapy but few come back alive
I lie awake, wondering when they'll come for me

The pool of blood in the sink
Tells me I'm getting worse
Every time I cough or scream
I vomit up this curse
My reflection stares back at me
A ghostly white with crimson eyes
My flesh is on fire, and my brain boils within
When will this all end?
I'm wasting away, fading
Decaying in my own skin
The consuming darkness is taking everything
Is there no hope for this suffering?
Save me please
Or kill me
Make it quick
Have mercy on my life
I can't bear this sickness inside
My lungs are constricted
I can't even breathe
And the infection is spreading
End it all now I'm too weak to do it alone
End it all now And let me die in peace
End it all now I don't even remember my name
End it all now Can anyone hear me?
Don't leave me alone with this
Is there anyone there?
Is this the end?
All has grown silent
No suffering anymore
I wander these barren halls
Passing through locked doors
No doctors, no nurses
No patients roam the corridors
A cold and empty furnace
Where my ashes lay
Left behind in Waverly Hills
To remember my final days

Inspired by the Waverly Hills Sanitarium where hundreds of mental patients and tuberculosis victims perished and supposedly still haunt the ruins.

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