The white smoke

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The white smoke

Post by Nate89 » Mon May 28, 2018 2:29 am

To begin, let us crack an hour glass, as the white sands pure with in the purple waters of the creek that time flows, rouge vapors burning through its own mass
This is all that we’ve known to pass
On the lavender crystal mountain, that reflects the stars of all colors in there lightest manner, as the lights that come off of them are rainbows in fractures into the gray heavens almost as black as lacquer
Hearing the wind a content low base spinning slowly around with electric pops that eco three times before they stop, always behind your ears, from left to right every 5 seconds before they hop
The smell of earth and blue berries on the air in musk
With the smell of sour apples and oranges every time the wind gust
Light flavors of cranberry, and lavender hung in with a metallic heat lunged in
The feeling as think as the mist, warm and rich with white hot electricity every time the air shifts
Looking into the crystal mountain, so many reflections could be found in
Watching the white dancing shadows compounding, as they are prowling
What mysteries can be found in each one individually?
I’m not them, so how can gain knowledge? Is there a method to fulfil this longing?
I see that the other side will stand agents their under lives
So tell me do you want to a mythic hero?
What strength’s will you have in a rhythmic here to know?
Would you stand agent’s your Avernus?
How would stand up to their ravage’s?
What noble acts do you consider to be a magic gift?
What partition do you consider to be the most ruthless?
What expressions agree with your perspective?
Which ones draw your detested thumb?
I need to know my brothers, and sisters, unless I become numb
I will carve out the angles and demons from the stones to find out what’s beneath them
I will build them all a land for them to find their freedom
None shall be leading
No longer will boredom be surrounding looking from the yellow ground up the blue tree with the black leaves
I’ll be able to move past me, and into to that sweat dream
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Re: The white smoke

Post by iminyourwebcame77 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:28 pm

This story is absolute shit

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