My story doesn't get posted and I don't know why!

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My story doesn't get posted and I don't know why!

Post by Darthjippo » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:10 am

(I know the title sounds like I'm just whining, but hold on for a minute...)

Hi everyone, a while back (1.5 years or so?) I tried to write a story, and I know I'm not a great writer, but I was very happy how it turned out. I was always a fan of creepypasta, so I decided to try and post it. Before I did, I let multiple people proofread it.

So about a year ago I tried posting it, and I never heard anything back. I know they are busy, but a year seems excessive. (It might even been 2) and since then I've tried again, and still haven't heard back.

I know I'm not some great writer, but I know my my story is grammatically more correct and had an overall better story than a lot of other pasta's.

I also uploaded it on imgur (link underneath) a few months back, it got around 2000 upvotes, and lot of very positive feedback.

Can anyone help me?

Skin (short horror story)

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