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The Grimm Stories of Mr.Hallow

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 8:31 pm
by Hallow_stories
The Sad story of Alex The Weapons Maker

By: Mr.Hallow

Formerly part of: The creepypasta chain
Part of slenderman’s proxies

Date Created: 5/6/2019

Killer Bio

Name: Alex Makoo
Born: May 12, 1976
Height: 6’4”
Age: 43
Weight: 330 pounds ( Due to muscle)
Hair color: Brown (formerly)/ Black (currently)
Eye color: Hazil (formerly)/ Grey (currently)
Skin color: Caucasian (formerly)/ Healed but badly scarred from burn marks (currently)
Previous jobs: Welder
Current Job: Killer , Handyman for the House, and weapons maker for the proxy’s of slenderman


Enhanced super human strength.
Enhanced Agility
High defense
Numb to pain
Weapon craftsmanship
Weapon handling.


Alex Has a white button up shirt, with jeans and a belt. He also wears plain brown boots,and wears Welders gloves for his job, and has a plaid red hooded jacket and a burnt bear mask. But alex doesn’t always wear this he can sometimes change his red plaid jacket for a non hooded white plaid jacket and, his other mask which is made out of a hockey mask with a paintball mask stitched over it. And has a gas system attached to it for breathing. Basically a homemade gas mask. Alex also carries a big chain a which is wrapped around his arm and body and a sledge hammer. While he wears his red plaid jacket he wears a belt around his right leg carrying three smaller hammers.


Seeing how Alex can take a hit and is not even fazed when damaged. Alex is the strongest out of them all. He is the tank of the group and when enraged can break through steel doors. But Alex usually never shows his anger against the other proxies. Unless he is around another creepypasta such as laughing jack. Alex has to be strongest due to having to always carry heavy materials and having to always make heavy weapons.


Alex is Very protective over females and young children. Which is why He has a strong hatred towards laughing jack. But if you put him around sally, clockwork, or even zero he doesn’t care what they have done, he will watch them like a hawk making sure they’re safe. Alex can be easily manipulated with children mostly.
The only way to calm his rage is if sally sings him a lullaby.

Other Facts

Alex will easily be enraged if you taunt him. And either throw his chain at you wrapping around your leg, and then tossing you around. Or will relentlessly chase you down, destroying anything in his way.
Alex can’t be summoned and can only be found in the forest gathering materials.
Alex likes tools, if you give him a new tool you will mostly be on his good side.
Alex has a big hatred towards men. Except a few exceptions. Alex has a deep homicidal rage towards them.
If you kill or hate children, Alex will automatically mark you as an enemy. Hence why he hates laughing jack.
Alex’s only fear is losing his family, so taking his locket which is the only thing he has left of them will easily enrage him.
The only other way of calming him down is if you mention his daughters name, Alex will stop for only 30 seconds before he gets angry again.
Alex keeps a locket of his wife and daughter on him at all times.
The only time you will see him out is if he goes out to find cult members. But this will only be at night, and is very rare to encounter him.

Encountering Alex the Weapons Maker

Say you’re wandering and you happen to come across this Big hulking fellow. Well there is some things you need to know about him so you don’t enrage him. One, alex is usually calm around kids so just be calm and quiet and you should be fine. Two, alex loves tools, so always keep a tool on you, it’s better for him to be calm then angry. If you see him coming toward you, just sit on the ground and do nothing. He will sometimes stop and look at you but if you just keep quiet he will move on. Three, Alex loves kids and is super protective over them. so, if your a teen or young child Alex will usually watch over you until you go home. Finally four, Alex is very lonely, so being nice to him or if your a kid, giving him a hug, is usually a good way to be on his good side.

How to get away From Alex if he’s Enraged

There is only one way to calm him down completely. Always keep a music box on you. Since Sally sung him a tune it calmed him down. So lullabies usually calm him down, cause if you can’t then you're screwed. Cause despite his big looks, Alex is really fast. So you better hope you can out run him because he will definitely be swiggity swooty coming after that booty.


Wife: Selena Makoo
Daughter: Alina Makoo

Back story: Alex was born on May 12, 1976 into a middle classed family. But life wasn’t so pleasant for Alex, alex’s Mother worked as a waitress and his father worked as a welder, and it was pretty hard to survive. sometimes he went to bed hungry and other times he didn’t eat at all for some days. Alex listened to his father and mother telling him to work hard and he could achieve anything, which he did. Alex graduated highschool with scholarships and everything was looking up for him, with the help of his father. He followed his dads footsteps and became a welder himself. He got married and had a Daughter who he named Alina after his Grandma.

The Twisted part: Alex’s life was usually busy on most days, but he always came home to his family. On one particular day he went down a rode that was known for crime. He was in a medium sized town, were cults owned a location of the town. But today alex had a first hand glance at the cult. he saw a murderer happening, Alex couldn’t believe what was happening. Alex watched everything unfold. He got out of his car to go stop the men. But when they shot the man, Alex stopped in fear. When the 4 men saw him they said get him. Alex then ran into some nearby woods hoping that the men would disappear. When he eventually out ran them, Alex didn’t know where he was. He looked around for something, But found nothing. Then he started to hear something. It was something that sent chills down his spine and made the hair stand up on his neck. He turned around to his surprise a note covered with an image of a tall man dressed in a suit with tentacles covered it saying don’t look at him. Alex didn’t know what it meant. He heard more voices, Alex now spinning around to see what the sound was. Terrified he ran. He wondered in the forest for hours with the strange note. Until he came across a road. He eventually found his way back to the car which was vandalized by the four men who broke the windows and spray painted a symbol of a raven on it. Alex drove the rest of the way home, terrified about what had happened. His wife who saw the car when he got home questioned him about it. He told her a lie no wanting to worry her, say it was just some tennagers. Alex came inside where his daughter was happy to see him. He picked her up and spun her around, he told her about the spooky before putting her to bed. To Alex his daughter was his everything, and vowed to never let anything happen to her. He went to bed with his loving wife. But alex’s dream wasn’t so friendly. That night he woke up in a forest, that was dark and gloomy, and to his surprise the same man he saw in the picture was now in front of him. He said he would need him soon, but to be aware of the following events and grabbed alex’s face. Alex woke up screaming. His wife had asked what was the matter, He said just a bad dream was all. Today was saturday though so alex looked forward to going to the park with his family. He took his daughter and wife to a park that he went to as a kid. It was lovely, But that’s when everything turned Bad very quickly. A Van showed up and shot his wife and daughter killing them instantly. Alex Fell to his knees crying about what happened. He felt such anger and rage. He knew the police wouldn’t do anything to help. It was almost 2 years and the shooters still weren’t found. So Alex with Hate and frustration went down to the basement. He found an old bear mask, he worked hours on it, eventually making a helmet of a bear on the front of it. With one eye scared and missing an ear, it was perfect. He then put on pants, brown boots, a white button up shirt, a red plaid jacket, and welding gloves. He then put on the bear helmet. Alex felt powerful and after almost 2 years he let out a powerful laugh. He grabbed a chain and old sledge hammer from the garage. He then grabbed a locket of his daughter. He left the house and got into a truck he used for vacations. He searched all over the town for one of the people that could be one of the shooters. He came across a boy spraying a raven that looked similar to the one that was put on his old car. With rage he drove up to the boy who immediately turned around. By then Alex smacked him and then repedietly hit his head until all that was left was a mess of brain matter with a river of blood. He drove away leaving the body behind. One of the cult members saw what had happened and when Alex drove off left his hiding spot to see a mangled body. It was the cult leaders son, he called his father, who sent dozens of men after Alex. Alex not knowing what was coming drove home and satisfied about what had happened. He went inside knowing he had gotten justice that day but he wanted more. He planned to go do it the next day but to his surprise a bottle of alcohol broke his living room window. The room was a blaze with fire, he coughed taking off the bear helmet. He ran to the kitchen but another one was thrown, and another, and another until he was trapped. Alex was scared and didn’t know what to do. Then 3 planks of wood fell on top of Alex. Alex was trapped by the wood. And as soon as the fire started it reached Alex setting him ablaze. Alex cried in agony. Pleading for mercy. But soon gave in to the pain and died. When he died Alex’s soul now filled with bloodlust and anger vowed to return and get revenge on the men. Then Alex woke up in the same forest. This time his skin was healed but badly scarred. He had on gloves and all his clothes, even his boots were still on. In front of him was a small mirror the bear mask which was now badly burnt, chains and hammers. He picked up the mirror to find his face scarred by burn marks. His hair black and eyes gray. He tried to say something But all that came out were groans. Then the strange man from before appeared before him, He told him to not fear him, that he knew his pain and what had happened. Alex Now angry could say nothing. All that came out were groans. The man said to put on the mask, Alex picked up the mask. He felt calm when he put it on and relieved. The the strange tall suited man picked up the chains and hammers and told him to put these on. It was strange for Alex cause the man had no eyes, no mouth, no nose, or ears. He was a pale white faced man with 4 black tentacles. So Alex picking up the chain, wrapped it around his body and grabbed the Hammer. He followed the strange being who Alex found out was called slender man. He followed him to a House a very old looking one. He led him through the house to what looked like a welding station with wood and tools surrounding him. there was a furnace and anvil. And all the welding tools alex could think of. The man told him this is where he could work and live, and then he said to him that very soon, Alex would get revenge for his family once and for all.
Alex now happy by the sound of that looked around. He didn’t know what this place was so putting down the huge hammer went looking around, the same man said that there were others like me. Alex not knowing what he meant continued. He looked around the strange house until he came across a very long and narrow hallway, He didn’t know where he was, then from one of the rooms appeared a strange figure, wearing a hoodie with a single chain, and having a skull. He looked at this strange figure and really not caring about him. The person looked small compared to Alex. So he walked past him. The came what looked as a young man. This young man was wearing a blue hoodie. With a weird pair of yellow goggles and cloth over his mouth. He went up to him to see who he was but all He could manage was a couple of groans. The weird young man turned around and saw this new member. He said with a devilish crack. “So you're slenderman’s new Proxy. Alex wanted to question this but couldn’t talk. The man asked, “So what’s your name?” Again Alex tried to talk but all he could manage was a groan. “So you don’t talk do you.” The figure then picked up a hatchet and tossed it at Alex with a swift furry. Alex caught it in mid air and slammed it on the ground. The Young man said, “Huh you're the first to do that.” Alex didn’t say anything just stood there motionless. Alex then looked around and saw that he was in a big hall. The strange young man walked up to him and said. “This is the main hall. I’m Ticci Toby. Alex didn’t question why he was called ticci. He ad watched him twitch when he came into the room. Alex then left the room leaving toby behind. He looked around some more coming across more weird figures, one with a blue mask with black bleeding eyes, he didn’t seem scared of these people though. He eventually came back to his shop were Slender Man was standing. He said to Alex, “Now this is your family now, you will help take care of these children and make sure they have the tools they need.” For some reason the word children got to Alex. He then vowed with every bit of energy he could that he would protect them. Slender man said he need a name. Alex wanted to say his name was Alex. But couldn’t say anything. So when Toby came to see him again. Slender man introduced him to Toby. Toby asked what he was, Slender replied, “ he is the new weapons maker, He will protect you and make what you wish.” Toby then said, “So a weapons make huh?, Alex the weapons maker. I think the name fits.” Alex didn’t like the name but he couldn’t object against this. It didn’t take long for everyone in the big house to know about Alex and what his job was. Alex now settled into his house Does repairs and makes weapons for the people in the house. He vows to never let any harm come to children and vows that one day he will get revenge for his family, But until then He will continue making knives.

The Grimm Stories of Mr.Hallow

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:57 pm
by Hallow_stories
This story will be remade