Origin of Ghostpen

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Origin of Ghostpen

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Fifteen-year-old Jacob Philips lived with his parents and younger sister in Boulder, a town in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado.

He had a lot of artistic skills since he was a child, which made him quite introverted. He didn't have many friends. Rather, he was seen by his peers as a weirdo. He wasn't a good student. He was still thinking elsewhere than during the lesson, which made his parents not happy with him. Martin and Violett Jake's parents, always at work, not paying attention to his internal needs and dreams, believing that only the best grades in school matter and start building your future and life as soon as possible. Nightmare. Jake didn't care. His only stepping stone from his strict parents was art. Every evening when mom and dad were at work and sister at a friend's, Jake was free. He took his black bag with sprays of different colors and a blue half-gas mask and went home. He bought the mask once at a summer camp in the mountains in an antiques shop. He didn't want his parents to find out, so he kept her under the bed in his room.

A large, dense forest stretched out behind the fence of their house. Nobody ventured there. About 30 minutes from the fence stood the old wall of a building. It's hard to notice because he was completely overgrown with bushes. That wall was Jake's night studio. It housed various things such as human figures, flowers, animals, but on the other hand there was nothing similar. There were only creatures, murderers and psychopaths. One could say that this wall described Jake's day. When it was quite calm at home, he created ordinary objects on it, but sometimes there were such moments in the boy's life that he was unable to calm down. Just then, the terrifying hand of inspiration reached him. His wall of anger grew, and with it a hole in his mind.

Today, the day spent with the family was rather calm, so there was no reason for the boy to stand in front of the other side of the wall.
He scanned the blooming orchid. He was happy that it was nice day. He started packing empty cans in the bag. One rolled to the other side of the wall. When the boy caught the fugitive he looked up. He was about to retreat when something with one of his wraths (he called his drawings on this side of the wall) caught his attention. Some symbol that has never been here. A circle cut with a cross, outlined by some strange black substance that certainly wasn't paint.

"Strange," he thought, "I don't remember ever doing anything like that here, but if not me, who? After all, no one but me knows about this place"

When he looked, he noticed that there was the same symbol with every anger.

The moon at that time managed to hide behind the clouds, and it was almost black in the forest. Some dark atmosphere then appeared in the shade of the trees. Fortunately, Jake had a flashlight with him. As he began to search the bag he heard quiet footsteps away from the house. Someone was here. The boy began to be afraid, he thought it was his father, who had already learned the whole truth about the night trips of his disappointing son in his absence. Without waiting a moment, the boy hid behind a bush growing by the wall. Holding his breath, he listened, but all was quiet and only the leaves swayed in the autumn wind. Suddenly, in a small streak of light reflected by the moon a few meters away, he noticed a black, tall figure looking directly at Jake's hideout, then from the opposite direction he heard the previous steps, saw the flash of a metal object, and then the whistle and lost consciousness.

He woke up in a bed in a very bright room. He looked around. He looked at the watch on the cabinet next to the bed. It was 4.30. He had a bandaged forehead. His head ached terribly. A moment later, a figure in an apron entered the room. It was a doctor. It turned out that Jake was in the hospital but he didn't remember anything from last night.

"Hello Jake, how are you?" Asked the doctor.

"Good ... I guess," the boy replied hesitantly.

Do you remember something?
Jake shook his head.

They talked for another half hour. At that time, the doctor told the boy that a taxi driver had found him with a bleeding head wound in a ditch by the road crossing the local forest. It didn't explain much to him. How did he get there and who was this tall man? Jake could not say anything to the doctor because he would not believe him. Finally the doctor got up from the chair standing by Jake's bed.

-You'll find your things in the cupboard.- he said, pointing to the piece of furniture where the watch was standing.

-And I would forget. Give me your parents' phone number.

That was the problem. If the parents found out, they would send a babysitter while they were away, and they would make another brawl in the hospital.

Please, sir. Don't call my parents. If they found out ... You understand. Please, Jake pleaded.

Fortunately, the doctor was an old friend of the boy's parents and he knew that he was not light with them. After a moment of silence, he announced.

- Well, exceptionally I can agree to that. But somebody has to drive you home.

-I live 4 blocks away. I know the way. I used to be here with my dad when he broke his leg.

- I think so. Okay, you're not as small as you were then. I will discharge you in half an hour. Disguise yourself - said the doctor leaving the room.

Jake was very lucky. He opened the cabinet quickly, in which his bag and stacked clothes stood.

He began to dress up.

As he left the hospital, he noticed that it was still dark. He glanced at the phone for an hour. Parents arrived at 5.30. Jake's house was four long blocks.

- fifth four. I think I'll make it.

Saying this, the boy jumped up and started running.

20 minutes later he was at the door. Sweaty and breathless, clutching his belly, he turned the key in the lock. He looked at the wall clock hanging on the porch wall. 5.25.

"Damn ... I made it," he said with difficulty.

A moment later, the familiar sound of a car entering the driveway could be heard. Jake took off his shoes in a hurry and rushed through the living room to the stairs leading to the corridor where the door to his room was. He tossed the bag into the closet, the mask under the bed, and then he heard footsteps on the stairs. Not paying attention to the cards and clothes scattered on the floor, he jumped into bed and covered himself with the duvet so that he could not see what he was wearing. Immediately afterwards Jake's mother entered the room.

"He didn't clean up after himself again, smelly lazy."

Saying this she left the room closing the door behind her. Jake breathed a sigh of relief and mumbled trying to sleep.

-What a feed.

The next days passed without quarrels and conflicts. Throughout the week, the boy did not show that he had a headache. The threat from parents has dropped to zero. They realized that, however, they care a little about the happiness of their son and decided to give him complete peace during his feast. Halloween. In the whole year it is the happiest and calmest moment in Jake's life. He always devoted a lot of attention to this event, this time it was no different. From the morning Jake was preparing an outfit, crazy laughter and scary poses with a knife in his hand. As for the outfit, he didn't look too scary. Gray sweatshirt with scratches and a ghost mask, worn under the hood. No, it didn't work out. Standing in front of the mirror, Jake saw only the clown, not the serial killer he had invented for the occasion. He began frantically looking for some detail in the cabinets that would help. Nothing. No ornament anywhere, no visible detail. Jake expanded the search area from his room to the whole house. He checked the basement, workshop, garage, old shed. Even in the old chest with the costumes of his mother there was nothing, and this was the last resort, because his mother once worked in the theater.

"The fuck ..." Jake cursed softly.

Slightly nervous, he returned to his room. As he crossed the threshold he noticed that his half-mask was lying on the bed.

-What? What are you doing here? "He asked the mask." I left you under the bed.

After a short thought, Jake, staring at the object facing him, came up with something.

Wait, when are the parents coming back? Tomorrow at 6. Halloween is tonight. They will not notice that I am wearing a mask, and even if they notice it, I will have an excuse that it is for the Day of the Dead, ”Jake said to himself, and then put on a half-mask on the ghost's costume.

-Well. A little better. ”The boy announced looking in front of the mirror.

For the rest of the time, Jake didn't do much. He walked around the house, sketched something, and even fell asleep for about two hours.

10 o'clock in the evening. Finally, it's time to start playing. Jake, prepared for a long time, jumped up and headed for the exit door. After leaving the house he ran out into the street. He was the first, as always.

The night passed wonderfully for Jake. He had already collected a whole bucket of sweets, and each neighbor when he opened the door shouted in fear at the sight of him. When the boy had already visited everyone in the suburbs, it was time for those who lived outside the forest. When he walked along the sidewalk near the forest, he felt uncomfortable although it was a little said, he was scared. Watching the edge of the forest, he moved forward. He sought any movement, listened in silence. And then he saw something. Something by the trunk. Flash. Metallic flash reflected by a long object. At that moment he remembered the forest situation, pain and fear. He immediately rushed to flee towards the house. His heart was pounding on the anvil. He was running so fast that he could overtake the motorcycle. He didn't turn around. He couldn't look back, afraid that a psychopath chasing him with a metal pole in his hand. He was just running.

About fifteen minutes later he was at the door of his home. He quickly went inside and locked the door. He was sweaty but didn't feel tired. Fear took over him. Without taking off his shoes, he ran to the kitchen for a knife and then to his room. He almost fell on the stairs. As he ran into the room, he closed the door behind him, then found himself by the window showing the street. When he calmed down he looked at his watch.

-5.47.-whispered.-Parents come back at 6.

Jake put the watch back on the bed and returned to the window. Staring at the street, out of the corner of his eye he saw someone at a street lamp not working. A tall figure, the same as in the forest by the wall. The tall man looked at the boy in the same way as he did then. After a long moment, this figure began to walk towards the light of the lamp standing by the broken one. Only then did the boy's eyes show her full appearance.

Jake, seeing this, was terrified and covered the window with curtains. The figure was wearing a black suit, black pants, and a red tie, but that didn't matter. What terrified the boy was her face, or rather her lack. Pale skin, without eyes, nose, lips, hair and ears. The scariest view in the life of a boy. Finally, Jake broke through and unveiled the curtains. He disappeared. The street was empty and quiet. The laughter of the children and the sound of rustling candies disappeared, there was only silence. Along with the man all joy disappeared, and darkness and coldness appeared. Suddenly Jake heard footsteps from the street. When he looked, he noticed his younger sister, Connie. Unaware of the lurking danger, she was coming back from a friend. Jake was worried about his sister for the first time. As Connie crossed the street, a boy ran up to her from behind. He had a metal tube in his hand. Jake wanted to make a warning cry, but the glass was so thick that you could only hear the muffled calls, and Connie had headphones in her ears, so she wouldn't hear him.

After a while, the boy was already with her, took the swing and hit the girl on the back of the head. The blow was so powerful that Connie's head broke away from her torso and flew a few meters away. Blood gushed from her neck, staining the pavement and street. Finally her body fell to the ground. Jake laughed. He wasn't sure why, but he couldn't stop laughing. He laughed until he saw familiar spotlights. At the sight of the head of his beloved daughter and her bloodied body, the parents' car stopped with a squeal of tires. Tears of Jake's mother got out of the car and, along with her father, ran to the body of her child lying on the sidewalk. Crying for help, she hugged her husband, but no one came. Nothing could be done. Connie was dead. Violett couldn't believe it, and Martin could barely hold back his tears.

Desperate parents were so overwhelmed by the death of their daughter that they did not notice the three boys emerging from behind the car. One had two one-handed hatchets, the other two were metal tubes. Their faces were hidden behind masks. They were slowly approaching Jake's father and mother. A moment later, a bloody slaughter began on the street. Adult guts flew in the air, broken bones protruded from the severed limbs, blood covered the entire section of the road and part of the pavement. After all, from Martin and Violett only corpses with a hole in their stomachs and parts of the intestines and other internal organs were massacred. Jake just stood by the window, staring at things happening outside. The tall man's power took over his mind. Jake was no longer himself. Sitting on the bed in his room, he laughed at his dead family. He noticed that every boy was characteristically dressed. He has not yet managed to disguise himself from Halloween, so he came up with that every night he would punish those who had not previously counted on him. Without waiting a moment he went down the stairs heading for the front door to meet new friends. As he passed through the living room, he noticed a man in a suit sitting on a sofa. Staring at him, he asked.

-Who you are?

Zero answers. After a short while, Jake asked again. The man got up and turned to the boy. Again, silence. Jake screamed, annoyed.

-Who you are!? Reply!

Suddenly black smoke appeared in the room and a growing squeak was heard. Everything seemed to disappear. The boy covered his ears with his hands and closed his eyes. The unbearable sound vibrated in his head. After a short while the sound died down. Jake opened his eyes. He was in the woods by his studio. To the side stood a pale man and three boys responsible for the death of the boy's family. Jake noticed Martin, Violett and Connie leaning on the joyful side of the wall. With a knife in his hand, he looked at the group responsible for all this. They stared at the corpse, which was once a torment for the boy. From their eyes he had already concluded what he had to do. Jake walked to the wall. At that moment he heard a voice in his head.

-Are you ready to join the family?

After a while, the boy leaned over the bodies. He gripped the handle of the knife and stuck it into one of his relatives' bodies. Blood spurted from the inside, staining his entire outfit. He took out his knife and straightened up, looking at the face of the joyful wall.

- It's all because of them. It's because of them ... It's ... because of my family. "He whispered with tears in his eyes.
- But today was a calm day, so there was no reason for me to stand in front of the other side of the wall.

He reached out with a bloody knife and began painting.

After this incident throughout Denver during Halloween, no one left the house. They were waiting for someone's visit. I think you know who.

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