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THE LAURELS Children's Home

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:26 pm
I had a happy childhood, one summer me and my friends hung out in this abandoned mansion set deep in the woods, originally built as the home to wealthy gentry it was sold to the council to pay off gambling debts who would run it is as a workhouse masquerading as a children’s home for the mentally and physically infirm called ‘The Laurels’.

The ‘The Laurels’ was used as a children’s home from as early as 1830 and operated for over 100 years before being forced to shutter its doors in the seventies as the result of a fire, lack of funding and rumours of terrible abuse and corruption. The local police did their best to keep us all out but we managed to creep in unnoticed.

How we initially found our way in is a mystery, my friend John and I would scout the woods surrounding the small village where we lived for cool things to do when on one of our adventures we spotted a girl of no more than four or five skipping through the woods all by herself.

Thinking she must have lost her parents we called after her and gave chase to no avail, we had lost her in the thick vegetation but happened upon a gap in the hoarding that surrounded ‘The Laurels’.

Once we found our route in our friends would all meet and congregate in the remains of the sprawling Victorian institution, telling each other ghost stories seeing who could scare the group the most.

A few months passed and we were getting braver daring each other to spend time alone in darker parts of the main pavillion and surrounding dorms. There were cages in the basement of the largest house!

I remember it was a damp autumnal evening when my friends and I decided to spend the night. John suggested bringing fire-lighters in case we got cold. We ventured inside for the evening.

When I came too a fireman was pushing passed me hauling a long hose up the path to the entrance of the main pavillion. I was taken into custody. ‘Can you tell me whether my friends made it out of the fire please’ I asked the detective standing over me.

‘Listen to me you asshole.’ Said the detective. ‘you were found alone and clutching a red velvet dress with evidence that you’d been living in that place for months. You need to tell us where the girl is!’

Ms. Bennett my psychiatrist responded on my behalf. ‘Detective, John is a very sick man and has been in care his whole life. He suffers from acute schizophrenia and should never have been allowed to leave this hospital.’

THE LAURELS Children's Home

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 12:04 am
by TheSandman
Interesting twist at the end. I like it

THE LAURELS Children's Home

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 5:34 am
thank you TheSandman,