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The AirBnB Killers

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 12:22 pm
Tasha’s head throbbed violently after another heavy night of drinking, the drugs had run dry and their host’s well stocked drinks cabinet had been emptied hours ago.

Gerry stroked Tasha’s hair absentmindedly as they sat in front of the laptop adding potential properties to an AirBnB wishlist. ‘Oh Darlin’ this one’s perfect. The hosts are young family in Brooklyn. You clean up and I’ll book it’.

Lisa-Marie played games on the family’s iPad in the expansive front room-cum-kitchen as her parents argued in the bedroom of their rented Brooklyn warehouse apartment. ‘We just can’t afford to live here Tom. We’ve pretty much eaten up all of our savings renting this place. It’s been disaster after disaster since we got here.’ ‘Look baby I know you’re upset but I’ll think of something’.

‘You must be Tasha’. Echoed the words from the intercom outside the building. ‘Yeah, hi y’all. think you could let us up it’s freezing out here?’. ‘Yes, sorry of course. She’s from the south’. Whispered Sabrina to her husband with glee. ‘I love people from the south. So warm and friendly’. ‘Do you need a hand with your bags’. Called Tom from in the background. ‘Naw, you’re good. We travel real light’. ‘OK, I’ll buzz you up’.

Although the place was huge it was mostly open plan so it didn’t take long to complete the grand tour. ‘You know when Tom first suggested we host on AirBnB I was skeptical but you guys are lovely. How long are you in town’. ‘Just enough time to have some fun’. Gerry offered from his spot on the floor next to Lisa-Marie, both engrossed in her puzzle game.

Gerry ran his fingers through Tasha’s hair absentmindedly as they both sat in front of the iPad adding to an AirBnB wishlist of potential properties. ‘Hey, can you not do that please you’ve still got blood under your fingernails and this place needs to be cleaned up. Oh, and while you’re at it find a credit card or something. I’ma book this one up. It looks perfect’.

‘Oh hi y’all, you must be Penny’. Said Tasha ‘And you must be Sabrina, and Tom. Is that a southern accent I detect? Do you need some help with your bags I don’t mind calling for my husband’.

‘Naw m’aam’. Gerry responded. ‘We travel real light’.

‘Well OK, Come in’.

The AirBnB Killers

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 6:32 pm
by natasharobson
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