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Do svedanya Earthlings

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:05 pm
by DComptonAmbrose
Hi! I'm D! I used to be a starving artist and author but now I'm a bitter and slightly irritated and horny starving artist and author who used to believe one day he could be successful and make a living off of what he's good at and likes doing but no, that will likely never happen since this place is literally hell. He no longer believes that, but his inherently rebellious and sanctimonious attitude has led him to reject the demands of such a sick society, give it the finger, and keep trying mainly because he's a masochist and enjoys beating his head against a brick wall mainly because if life and those who do its bidding see this they will leave him the fuck alone and realize it aint got shit on this D. Compton creature...

I've submitted 12 stories so far and probably gonna submit more (obviously it hasn't been months yet, but I'm sure at least SOME of them will get posted)