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Allo Allo!

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 10:35 am
by Sess
Hello, everyone! I'm Sess and I'm a writer. Well, an aspiring writer who works the graveyard shift at a local hotel across the street from a cemetery. I wish I was kidding. Anywho, I saw that Creepypasta had an open forum and I couldn't help but leap in and say "hi" as I, slowly, assimilate you all into my community. Er... I mean, so I could join this community! Heh heh... heh... '>.>

All joking aside, I do plan on making a couple pastas of my own and hopefully make a few of interesting friends in this forum who may help inspire me to continue writing (as I hope that, in the future, I could inspire others as well). I know that the CP community has a few interesting characters, so hopefully this will be fun! :D