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A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:33 am
by rudidur
I come from the fifth dimension of perception.
I am currently in the selected physical body of a person in the State of Slovenia.
I work in your dimension of perception, and also in the fifth dimension, which I call paranormal matter.
My mission is to describe your life from a completely different angle.

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:25 am
by rudidur
The physical body consists of a billion cell units.
Each cell is an "independent unit that deals", it feels, lives, and is renewed. It is renewed with a copy - copies, copies with time become more aging and deformed (the body becomes old and dies)

Cells have a certain place in the body, where it works only in conjunction with all others. "Cells also have their own soul!"

The human soul without body maintains cellular souls in the same connection as in the physical body.
They always stick together.

1. Three-dimensional dimension - shape, perceives physical life.
2nd fourth dimension is the time (after the death of the body, there is no time)
3. Fifth dimension - shape, perceives Paranormal -material or footprint ,this is the remnant of an antimatter of the physical body in the atmosphere.

In the fifth dimension, there are no obstacles, so these cells are always moving in a group like a flock of birds in a flight. They can change the shape, but when they become visible they always give the appearance of the human body.

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:32 am
by rudidur
Archive: Archival time

After the death of man, his consciousness is removed from the body. Every energy consciousness of each cell stays in its place and as a whole disappears from the dead body. They still form a visual image of the one who had this consciousness within himself as his energy of the soul.

From now on, the individual's consciousness is still alive, but without a physical body, man is without body.
At this stage, the soul does not differ between physical and paranormal life.
As a spirit you see a world without colors; You can only see shapes of matter and shape of physical persons only in black and white different shades.

When a person dies, he is located in an archival niche, where there is nothing in hard form, you can say that you are moving on an antimatter or a fifth dimension.

History follows us at the same distance as the train wagons dragged by the locomotive of the future. The distance between the years of birth and death is always the same.

A man, born in 1950, lives about 60 years and dies. The body remains in 2010 and the soul remains in nothing. The soul waits for the wagon of his birth.
The wagon of her birth from 1950 and the possibility of re-birth, will bring her soul past the locomotive that drives into the future.

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:34 am
by rudidur
Round lights in the sky -------------------

When I was a kid, I realized that I was going out of my body during sleep.
Someday my soul goes out of my body and I notice that a glittering sphere of 60 cm in diameter floats on my soul. The sphere blurred with my soul in a flash.
It was a kind of reincarnation of foreign energies. Together with the intruder, we were in the moment in the body.

Just as the human body changes evolutionarily, souls or enriched souls are simultaneously changing.

(How I live with this alien I will write to you in continuation)

Lately, there are world-famous balls floating in the sky and moving at different speeds and directions.
(when they want to be visible - they become visible)
Therefore, with certainty, I reveal that evolution has also become the fifth dimension, it has become progressive - bright spheres in the sky can be the collectors of the souls who keep the enlightened souls or somehow lead them, and when the conditions are again literally thrown into the young bodies of the earth.

Perhaps I am allowed in some way to write about the time of truth coming.

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:35 am
by rudidur
Real Experience:
In a phase of sleep, I, for some reason, jumped back to my body. Because of the first contact that happens on my forehead, I was lucky to see with my eyes my energy or the overall shape of the body without a physical body that jumped or dived into me. Just before the fusion, I felt that the body was paralyzed, without weight, and the weight of the pressure on the body was about 20 decagrams.

This event did not shock me, I am just glad to disclose or discover a whole picture of my exits from the body with some logic
We know that the brain functions in such a way that the left side of the brain directs the right side of the body and the right one to the left, which is sensible in view of the contact of human energy when it leaves the body or returns.

This means that the left brain side of the energy comes into contact or connects to the right brain side of the living body and controls them, and the right side of the body with the left side.
From here, the question is why the brain functions cross-over.
When you look in the mirror and close your right eye, you see yourself in the mirror as if you have a closed left eye.
(the soul enters the body, like the look in the mirror)

This abandonment is as if a man from the water level rose to the air and watched his reflection on the surface of the water that is disappearing.

Human energy leaves the body very thoughtful when its purpose is to return back is to be drained by first lifting with its feet and body and the last contact is at the forehead in the eye area.
The return is in the opposite direction, first between the eyes and at the end of the foot.
in the picture is my paranormal identity:

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:49 am
by rudidur
Message to humanity: the thing is very important!

I have the answer to all your questions!

We are approaching a period of recognition of our posthumous life.

Life is not just a waste of time in the physical body, then dying.

Remember that your life continues with the beginning of a constant time.

With the proper logic of thinking, I live another life in another physical body.

I live forever - I use the physical bodies of the Earth -

I allow the physical body to know me.

My source is the fifth dimension - The round light of fast maneuvers in the night sky is my means of transport - My mission is mediation between life and death -

All I tell you is 100% real.

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:51 am
by rudidur
All people have a soul parasite inside of themselves.
Parasite only allows you to live a physical life, although in your sleep, your parasite is moving after the fifth dimensional perception, but you will never reveal it.
You have all this movement for ordinary dreams.

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:40 am
by unseenpiracy
[/unseenpiracy]][/] that very scary

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:23 am
by rudidur
Two soul energies:

My physical body is human.
My other form is antimatter. I am using this phenomenon to move in this physical and paranormal dimension.

People think that some other form of life is connected with supernatural intelligence of great proportions; but that's not the case.

The antimatter form only covers the collective, for example, the shadow
which is created on the basis of matter and this shadow works in harmony with its private conscience.

In this form, in the first place is the "contact" with which you are upgrading your existence;

You do not need some computer technology here;
Here you only need to always make the first contact with other energy, process it or spill it or get rid of it.

But you have the advantage, of course, if you have your living, physical body within reach.
Everything is simple, just like everything that surrounds us.

A brake that makes people not discover this phenomenon is religion or belief and false physics.

A close encounter with the truth:

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 9:24 am
by rudidur
Travel options with an archive niche in the future:

1. Human life takes place in the past.

2. Immediately after birth, a person begins to die with the process of growth, age and end with the death of the physical body.

3. Years of dying must also be added in years that run parallel and go into the future.

4. Example:
85 years of life or dying + 85 years of the future = total 170 years.

5. While sleeping, you can travel 170 years to the future with the help of a fourth time stratum.

6. If you are a selector or reincarnator, multiply this time by
the number of physical bodies that you have survived and add years to the future.

To be continued: