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Hello from Sadistic Jester, i am seeking Authors and Artists!

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:35 pm
by SadisticJester
Hello fellow creepy pasta readers, i have been a silent and unknown reader of creepy pasta for quite a while now, with only recently deciding to join the forums, i am starting a project of my own and would like to invite anyone interested, to join the project as well.

i would love to explain the project in more detail but to do so better as it is not fully set up yet you can join my discord and speak to me there

i am seeking mainly,
Authors, - for the universe Stories, and the SJ Brand
Artists - For special characters and for comics in the future including other art required tasks as well.

Please feel free to join and inquire about the project, its going to be an immersive universe, think Marvel Universe, but Scary.