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Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:28 am
by Ltandi
Hi my name is Linda,

Foodwise I have always identified with healthy, interesting, and well-prepared foods. My mother was good at several things, but her repertoire was pretty limited, my dad was all about steak & potatoes or everything about red meat, but they did have an enormous garden I wish I could remember a lot of what I learned about gardening at that time, but when you are young, it’s like you don’t really think about things like that.

I have always loved to cook and eat pasta and people have always told me I should open a restaurant, but I think that would spoil it for me. If I did ever have one, it would be one set menu per evening, my choice! Food is kind of everything to me, and since it’s my hobby, I immerse myself in it constantly. But I firmly believe the best way to learn to cook is to do it.

Since discovering Creepy Pasta, my desire to cook pasta seems to have skyrocketed, as reading about it just reinforces it. I doubt that I am as accomplished a cook pasta as many of you on here, but it is a passion and that is why I love Creepy Pasta and the posts on here so much.

Warm Regards,