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Hello and help!

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:30 pm
by sjd76
Hey everyone!

I'm new to Creepypasta and fairly novice when it comes to internet forums in general. I'm an out-of-touch guy in his late twenties that doesn't understand much about anything. So please be gentle!

I've written a horror story that I think is cool, but Creepypasta is a little different from what I expected. My partner used to read Creepypasta when it was a different kind of beast: there was no submissions process, but instead the story would be upvoted or downvoted into oblivion.

With a bit of google ferreting around, I've discovered another Creepypasta website which is a wiki. My guess is that the wiki was what Creepypasta used to be, but now it's evolved into this website. Is that right? Are the two websites affiliated?

Also, how often is this website open for submissions, generally?

I have one last question - sorry to pester! My horror story contains slurs, which I understand is against the submissions criteria. I'm not a monster: the slurs are used in dialogue by characters who are not good people, and the narrative is heavily critical of them. The complete over-the-top, horrible vitriol is also a relatively central narrative point, so it's not straightforward to edit them out entirely.

So, my query is: if the slurs are concealed by asterisks (i.e. f*** etc. - though I know 'fuck' isn't a slur), would the story still violate the submissions criteria?

Thanks everyone!