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Need reference stories for game.

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:49 pm
by Runiker
Merry Meet fellow fans,

Today I am asking for your help in doing some research. I am currently making an open world video game thats 3D it will be horror survival. I want to compile many of the memorible stories from here and impliment them into my game. I need things such as haunted objects from stories, places such as houses or locations, monsters to roam the world and so on. Some examples are bellow.

Russian Sleep Experiment: A while back when the structure of the building where the gas was being held sprung a leak. The gas seeping into the air infected the whole town and have been turned into super zombies for lack of better wording.
Trash Mob- People who look like zombies have enhanced power are from this place.

Monster Hunting: A new type of food that can be made is gummy bears. Red and Green. These are from this story. The red will tame the creature from this story while the green will kill it. This is a passive tame.
Trash Mob- Furtuck are impossible to kill unless you feed them green gummy bears.
Engram Item- Red Gummy Bear (Used to tame them)
Engram Item- Green Gummy Bear (Used to kill them)

It Started as a Prank: The cult lived on even after the world fell apart and maybe it wasn't just a cult after all maybe there was something to it for that reason. Now they have spread members all over the globe and are the most popular religion to date.
Crafted Trophy- Sunny Day Book combine 10 pages to make the book.
Hidden Item- Sunny Day Leaflets obtained by killing members of the cult.

Cupcake: While it seems everyones number has come up after such a long time but everyone forgot if it was Pixie who was death then who would be left when Pixie’s number came up? Now she roams the land in search of new toys to play with to pass the time until the day a worthy prey will pluck her number.
Elite Mob- Pixie Pie a horse roaming the land.
Trash Mob- Magical Poney, these are the stuffed and reanimated friends that Pixie Pie has killed and brought back to life. However they have become all doom and gloom.

I would like open ideas to implement (Note this game is going to be a free mod and I am not making any money from it)