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Does anyone know anything about a creepypasta/skype bot known as 'The Fog Man' [HELP]

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:06 pm
by Anarchied-Silence
So my friend randomly messaged our group discord late last night asking if any of us remember this creepypasta that was, supposedly, popular around 2012. It's called "The Fog Man". She says that she remembers reading it back then and only 3 other people she's asked remembers it, and just in our server there's more than 10 people, plus others in class. I was big into creepypasta back then and can't say I remember it myself and no matter what we search nothing comes up, and I was curious if anyone else does.

The little info I know (according to her:
  • He was a skype bot.
  • Kinda like a virus he went into the person's charging DS
  • He tormented the person in their pokemon world
The image attached is one her friend had saved from the creepypasta, I guess?