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Jeff the Killer image origins

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:40 am
by gtwriter04
Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, and I am wondering if any of you remember the iconic image of "Jeff the Killer". I'm gonna try and give some backstories to the image, including where the alleged original source to it came from.

Here's what we've found so far over the years (and now):
>The Jeff images came from a 2008 4chan thread where OP's brother mentioned her sister's suicide on /b/
>After paranormal /x/ users dug up the source of the girl's Myspace around 2013, her name was supposedly Katy Robinson
>they still have no other information until someone around a 2018 thread (mentioning "Jeff's" origins) hacked her Myspace
>the girl's myspace is a hoax and was made by a man named Fabian Lauro/Luna

>Found Katy's image on a Christian parody site called TrueChristian in a bunch of hate emails from the owner
>The girl behind her photo is an alive West Virginian woman named "Heather White". She's almost in her 40's, and has a husband and child.
>Contacted her on Messenger, her reply said that she isn't aware of the 4chan rumor going about nor apart of the "Jeff" photoshop
>Has no matching image that's closest or exact to the "Jeff" image whatsoever

Here's what we're trying to find so far:

>People who have been on 4chan for a long time (referred to as ancient/oldfags) claim that the "Jeff" photoshop was originally a camgirl that browsed on /b/ around the years of 2005.
>She looked similar to Katy, but a little skinner and more Latina or Native looking
>Camgirl's name is supposedly Victoria
>She posted a not-so-good webcam selfie of herself by pulling out a stupid face in a dark closet with horrible camera lighting that blocked her face
>She looked like a ghost, and her particular photo led many anons and posters to photoshop and spam her image, until they got to the original "Jeff" shop, including a few more
>Some said that Victoria stopped using 4chan after the photoshops occured in her thread, but others didn't know what happpened to her
>However, the photoshops and Victoria's original image seemed unremarkable and not that humorous, which is why no one saved them and/or was apart of her thread at the time

If any of you stayed in her thread at the time and have, or remember, her image including some of the shops, let me know. Whenever I could find the origins, all I get is "Katy Robinson", "Daphine Noeline Coomber" (her photos lasted since 2012 on FB, she has nothing to do with Jeff), and "Overly Attatched GF" (also still remains irrelevant to Jeff).

Anyone willing to help?