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Anyone know the name of it?

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:25 pm
by MaxAttax
I remember a creepypasta that I liked but I forgot the name. The story was about something messing with a guy's backyard (The house might have been close to the edge of the forest, away from the nearest town/city and stores I think). Near the end, the guy ends up calling his dad over to help him with the problem and later on, the thing broke through the sliding glass door. The guy and his dad get into a car and drive off. His dad yells at him to drive faster after he notices the thing is right on their tail (there might have also been a part where the thing cuts through the forest to catch up, but I could be confusing it for another creepypasta). Eventually, they do escape and the dad possibly said he could stay over at his place. Please let me know the if you know the name of the creepypasta or have some clues as to where I can find it, thanks.