A close encounter with the truth:

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A close encounter with the truth:

Post by rudidur » Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:41 pm

Dream: 2

When a person sleeps, his physical body ages and goes in the past.
Due to deep sleep and different sleep patterns, the brain can synchronize with the fifth dimension of perception.

This synchronization occurs between the third and fifth dimensions of perception without any conscious action, and our consciousness can register them.

The dreams that one dreams of are fragments of awareness towards the past or the future, which are present in the fourth-dimensional time zone.
These snippets are snapshots of events that happened in their moment of present.

Because of the human mind and original fear, human consciousness quickly awakens from dreams.

Fourth dimension timezone:
The fourth dimension operates in a circular motion, parallel to the third dimension of perception, but always in the opposite direction. It works like
the present without restriction which is reserved to be activated.

In this dimension, "archival niches" of enriched soul energies are present.

To be continued:

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A close encounter with the truth:

Post by rudidur » Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:41 am

Dimensions :

One imagines things that he cannot explain and that are probably some other dimension.
I write these dimensions in numbers so that everyone understands what forms exist and how they form.
Man has defined the fourth dimension that it contains a time loop and its definition, although time, does not belong to a dimension.

The third dimension - the perception of reality in three sensations; height, width and depth. This applies only to the physical form of life which this reality uses for its consciousness.

The Fifth Dimension - comprises the perception of the reality of the third and fourth dimensions.

If one names the fourth dimension as temporal perception, it is not a dimension but a neutral layer of both dimensions, the third and the fifth.

The third dimension is the material form of perception.

The fifth dimension is the antimatter form of perception.

The temporal form of perception, such as the past, the present, and the future, is all that is measured temporally, and these measurements originate from a form of "present" which is activated for each form individually and makes a marker or its starting point for activity.

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